title page

illus. title plate the head of a person with long pale hair and very small simple vertical horns is above all in a starry sky. one six pointed star is directly above their head and there is one crescent moon to each side. directly below that there is a person with considerably larger horizontal horns and dark hair, pointed ears, and a longish unkempt beard. they are baring their teeth. plants grow from their mustache (no flowers?). there is a symbol on their forehead. down the sides of the frame there are more plants, these with flowers and leaves. there may be berries. on the bottom there is a fancy bowl with a different leafed plant growing out of it, possibly a nightshade by the shape of the leaves

illus. shield-crown of gon-gothanas a skull with a different symbol on the forehead. there are five leaves growing out of it in a star (rose? ash? other?). between each leaf is a vine with a circle with a hebrew letter in it. from top right clockwise there is shin, mem, he, zayin, and alef (shemhazius?)

psalm of the resurrection of the bones

a poem calling upon a tree to resurrect bones. possibly to give magical power to plant matter?