the book of the unknown host

illus. a face with wings. possibly a plant? the edges are uhhh viney?? it makes me think of groot.

psalm of beginnings

i think a blessing for the beginning of a ritual or study? it calls various figures and asks for their blessings

the proclivities of sylvan genii

a living plant has a spirit which is all that it is. magical power, interaction with the land and other plants, material use, etc. the viridarium umbris is ruled by many of these bound together with other spirits of nature. it is vital to this craft to know and speak with this spirit to attain the true power of plants. this is study that can take years and must be undertaken with humility and a pure heart. each spirit is unique, and depending on their environment they may be very different to other spirits of the same species (see: the osage orange)

the root: the most concentrated power of a plant is here. it contains ancestors and all vitality. it governs the downward path. they can be used to curse or bless but are very good for commanding. it is also good for necromancy

the crown: where the practitioner places the altar when working. the center of the circle of magic.

the trunk: unifies the powers of hell earth and heaven and all the paths between them. it is a stairway for entering dream-work and spirit communication. it can be further subdivided into bark wood and sap, or skin, flesh/bone, and blood. converted stems, such as rhizomes and bulbs, are considered the trunk for the purposes of this system.

the branches: governs the upward path. and the division of one source into many. used to make wands and staves. a history of a tree

the leaves: represents the hand. takes on various forms and is used in special way. the most useful power of a plant is often here.

the flowers: used for attraction, love, and devotion. related to angelic power

the fruit: the virtues of sacrifice and death. because of the power and nurturing of the flesh of the fruit it is used for completion, fortification, encompassing, and reward. like unto the forbidden fruit.

the seed: for infinity, fertility, and beginnings

illus. a small five petaled flower with pointed tips on the petal

a plant will have many spirits around it, such as an angel, a devil, the quintessence, and guardian spirits. in addition to the spirit of the plant these spirits must also be acknowledged and appeased in a working. be fully honest with them. these spirits are commonly associated with the fae.

there will also be spirits of place. perhaps a rock formation, a river, or simply all the accumulated time.

these are similar to the sixteen spirits of the compass, which deal with direction, cyclical time, the cycle of life, etc. call upon the spirit that wards the direction you are heading for your pilgrimage, and also any that ward the directions of people you care for.

beyond them is the spirit of wilderness (?). wilderness is hedge and paradise is plot.

of the concealed and revealed power of plants

all things have revealed forms and concealed forms.

the revealed form contains many parts. sometimes the use of a plant is visible in its shape, but many times you must have a watchful eye and consider its location, smell, fruit, the time of year, whether you know it to be poison, what it eats, what animals do with it, its lifespan, its closeness to people, etc, etc, etc. often the magical application and scientific application of a plant can be related, and in these cases the plant is doubly powerful.

the concealed form is knowledge attained through gnosis and magic.

when thinking of revealed forms do not fail to use your spiritual consideration. if you see a plant in a dream perhaps it has something to teach you.

illus. bind-wood of ourael and alaphael a border of small, cultivated looking plants. at the top there is a fly facing upwards between two six-pointed stars. inside there is one tree right side up, light on a dark background, and the same tree mirrored, upside down on a black background. two fruits hang from the upright tree, the left one light with a dark planty face on it, and the right one the same but inverted in color.

additionally, watch for changes in your life after contact with a plant. these may reveal its power to you as well.

Green Gnosis is the luminous stream of mystical understanding proceeding from plant spirits and the Greenwood, as accessed by the Herbarius via the Art Magical. Also called phytognosis, it is the process whereby the Angels Arboreal bequeath wisdom unto man. Plant Folklore is the encryption and transmission, in common parlance; of localised Green Gnosis in accordance with the mastery and cunning of its steward generation.

illus. a small three lobed leaf with perhaps a seed coming out the bottom

praxis sylva: assuming the mantles of shadow and light

a spell to call upon the powers of shadow for the purpose of forgetting (i think?). it is done under the full moon under a tree where the shadows of individual branches are visible

there is a second nearly identical spell for calling on the power of light to grant knowledge? or to contact spirits?

i think these spells are meant to be done dark and then light but i am not sure

concerning the counsel of the heart

shadow is as important to this practice as light. that which is unknown, unwritten, unmanifest, unspoken holds more power than that which is flesh. it is important to keep your intentions pure when you work this.

you must also be careful where you walk and what you do, as any misstep can have huge repercussions.

Wayfarer, dwell not upon these matters! Profane thyself not by giving them voice: for the breadth of thy calling is the measure of thy Violation. Thus Seek without seeking, and in thy prayers Speak without speaking: so shalt thou find, in shrouded things, the wholesome Treasure of Shrouded Kings.

illus. three leaves with a small berry above them

it is important to learn how to feel this magic. if you come into it unfeeling you will have no power. similarly, any emotion or intent you do have will be multiplied.

mute charm of the hortus conclusus

i think this is bidding knowledge come? it talks about words bound unto eyes and the path from the eye to the heart. and it has something to do with a rosary

arcanum: the hidden virtue

knowledge (?) power (?) proceeds from the blessed fruit of the garden. it can only be found by those who vow silence (?) and seek it with devotion but not fervor. it can be found anywhere as long as the seeker is true.

praxis sylva: the counsel of the copse

this is a way (spell?) to learn. go to a wood with only what you need to keep yourself fed and watered for a whole day. arrive at dawn. stand still as a tree and do not speak or think for the day. become the grove. listen to what the wood tells you, in sound, in movement, in the signs in the moss on the trunks. do not write what you learn here, simply remember it.

do this often.

concerning the powers and virtues of the rose

the rose is the heart of the viridarium umbris. she guards herself, she gives food to the bees, she is determined despite being overshadowed. she brings color, beauty and medicine. she comforts the dead. she returns despite being killed back over winter.

perhaps this person knows a kind of rose i do not, because they suggest using the wood of a rose to create a vessel. will learn more but the internet is not helping. they may simply be thinking of rosewood, which is a fully different thing. they say it will have a hard deep red color on the outside and a soft inside.

they suggest collecting the dew from roses as a preparation of ease (idk what that means) or as a nostrum for fortification (interestingly, nostrum means a medicine that is widely considered not to work so like. who knows). the rose can also be used to empower nearly any spell.

collect rose petals and soak them in a string spirit for three weeks to create a rose wine, useful for the base of healing nostrums. or as a devotional offering, offered to spirits or used to wash your tools. it is also used for anointment before a working.

cross-seal of the unknown host

for supplication and petition unto the spirits of the pleasure-garden

a cross with a diamond drawn over it. the end of each arm of the cross is an additional cross. it is all inside a circle.

there is also a short poem. i think the many spirits accompanying a plant are the unknown host this section has been speaking of. it requests entry at the gates of the garden, and

i have not seen this in any illustration yet.

illus. bequest of the knowledge luminous the winged head with the light beard is above all, with a cross with a lightning bolt coming out the bottom on the forehead/between the horns. coming out the bottom of the beard is a circumcised dick pointing down. there’s an infinity symbol on the balls, and coming out of the tip is three light rays (awen?) into a shape like the glass part of a lightbulb upside down. it has an apple with two leaves, and a six pointed star drawn on it. there are also two nude figures, the one on the left has waist length pale wavy hair and is holding a branch in her right hand. behind them are various vines, and below them is a five pointed flower with five leaves and the tip pointing down. on the right there is a similar figure with short pale hair and a beard. he is not holding anything. below him is the same five petaled flower but with the tip up. the two figures are reaching their inner hands towards the rays of light in the center. their hands do not touch.